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Sunday, January 17, 2010

BigCityDreams Piano Cover

New cover of BigCityDreams by NeverShoutNever! on tha piano.

It's not the whole song, but lemme know what ya think!!


  1. That was great! I really think you should post the sheet music to these songs, I would love to learn them!

  2. LOVE IT! but um, can you please post the sheet music to this song...I really need it. THANKS! :D....this is so amazing!

  3. this is amazing :) do you know where you can get the sheet music ?

  4. sounds really good and you can do this without the sheet music for this, just look up chords watch him for the chordal pattern and learn the melody by ear.

    these are the chords i used

    but haven't checked if they're completely accurate, if it sounds wrong just use your ear and cross reference with what he plays